Maximise your chances of exam success

What is ExamPrep?

For students who want to achieve exam success, ExamPrep is a revision tool that pinpoints your strengths and weaknesses and adapts to deliver targeted revision.

Fine tune your revision

Unlike other revision tools, ExamPrep dynamically creates a personalised learning plan to help you optimise your exam performance.

ExamPrep Features


  • Basic Science, Medical Finals and MRCP 2 – Choose from three question banks made up of over 5000 single best answer, and extended matching questions mapped to curricula and professional exams.
  • Learning Planner – Create personalised revision plans based on time available to study and test dates.
  • Adaptive Testing – ExamPrep finds your level of understanding, and adapts to drive you through difficulty.
  • Learning & Exam Modes – Support for ongoing study and exam revision.
  • Unique content – Peer reviewed questions and answers, with explanations from Elsevier’s trusted sources: Kumar and Clark’s Clinical Medicine, Davidson’s Principles and Practice of Medicine, the Crash Course Series and Gray’s Anatomy for Students.
  • Performance Statistics – A history of your test statistics at a granular level, e.g. average time spent per question, how many and which questions answered correctly/incorrectly to track your performance.
  • PocketPrep – Available offline and device agnostic, ExamPrep allows you to revise at a time and place that suits you.

What is ExamPrep?